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"Anyone else would care to introduce themselves?"

Katsu stood ramrod straight at the sound of the general's voice and then raised his hand in a proper military salute.

"The name is Katsu Gosika and I have been with the MDN since I was fifteen years old. I scored high marks with the Vegas mech suit during the training period and my callsign is Vega."

He took a quick glance around and noticed a girl about his own age standing near the general and he smiled at her. He was about to ask her her name when she started speaking.

"My name is Suzuhara Haruka, my callsign is Phyxius and I pilot Aegis...11".

Katsu walked over to the edge of the railing and looked down at his battle suit and frowned. He could still remember what the suit had looked like when he had first seen it. It had looked like it had gone through hell. There had been battle scars all over it and one of the arms had been missing a hand. But it had been rebuilt and he had trained with it and he had turned it into something that could strike fear into the heart of any foe.

Except one man, he thought darkly as he looked over the other battle suits, giving each of them a look over.
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