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"Haruka has been looking over your Battle Suits since they arrived. She's very capable, in fact, her father designed the system that most of them use and she has done several firmware upgrades herself for some of you. You'll find the HUD is improved and the targeting system has better target prediction and radar capabilities"

Katsu shifted uneasily when he found out that someone else had been working on his battle suit. He alone had worked on it in the past and everything had been calibrated to his exact specifications. Still, the thought of a better HUD and improved targeting systems slightly cheered him up.

He looked over at Haruka with renewed interest. The fact that she was able to upgrade the Vegas even after all the modifications he had made to it impressed and suprised him.

Suzuhara Haruka...she's quite talented. I'll have to keep an eye on her.

He then looked back down at the Vegas and smiled as he remembered the good times he had spend working on the machine.

"Pardon me for asking, but did you make any upgrades to the weapons that came with our battle suits? And would it be possible for us to acquire new weapons?"
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