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"I noticed everyone finds my attire to be a bit weird, it's because I suffer from poor blood circulation so I get cold very easily and bruised, but it's not a major thing. How about you Roman? I can tell you're not Russian by your accent, as I can tell Zhao isn't Chinese per say. I have an ear for this, since we have so many people from so many countries around here."

Zhao allowed himself a small grin. "Finally, I'm glad your smarter than those dumbasses back at home. So, it seems we have two Japanese people, a Ukrainian, a Taiwanese, and an American making up the crew," he said, giving everyone a once over. A nice, diverse team, that had individuals with different personalities that seemed to balance out. One of the best possible teams, he thought with satisfaction. He couldn't help but feel a little left out though, with Roman and Xavier getting most of the praise, even Katsu's battle suit was commented on. He did admit to himself though, he didn't mind that much, being used to doing things by himself. He looked at his mech over the railing. Come on, when are we going to get into those things? he thought a bit impatiently.

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