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Rusu could hear the sounds of talking in the distance as the ones he sensed were coming closer to the cafeteria. As they entered the room his glance traveled to the female that was with the to two males. Something was familiar about her. Slowly Rusu stood up, folded the two ends in on the bag and rolled it closed leaving it upon the table as he walked over to the in coming group. As Rusu walked towards the group he made sure that face wrap was up over his nose so only his eyes could be seen. Not only was he interested in the girl, but also the unnatural relationship she had with the creature she was with.

Placing his right hand upon his left shoulder he bowed low to the group saying "It is a pleasure to make all your acquaintances."


Ashtin looked at the man that was now in front of them. This man had a strange aura about him that he couldn't place. Was he another paranormal creature like Ashtin himself was, or just some specially gifted human. His presences was making Ashtin slightly uncomfortable, and he realized that became evident when he shifted back and forth.

"You haven't made our 'acquaintances'" Ashtin said in a low voice, slightly snarling at the man now before them. "To do that proper introductions should be made."

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