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"Well on behalf of Nova and I, I thank you for taking care of the big guy and I mean that."

Haruka gave him a small smile and nodded.

"You're welcome", Haruka said and turned over to Katsu.

"Pardon me for asking, but did you make any upgrades to the weapons that came with our battle suits? And would it be possible for us to acquire new weapons?"

"I only ran diagnostics on your Battle Suits, I know most of you do the upgrades and repairs on them yourselves so I didn't really tamper with them much, I only gave you some interface upgrades like improved targeting, HUD capabilities and radar sensors. Once you get in you'll see the advantages, your AIs also welcomed the change otherwise they would've rejected the firmware. But once they themselves analyzed the upgrades and accepted it", Haruka said and then started thinking. "Weapons wise, I've designed some sniper rifles, SMGs and Assault Rifles. You'll be able to check them out in the armory once you run your rutine excersizes."

"So you are the pilot of the Aegis jou ichi, nice to finally meet you."

Haruka's eyes widened, she did not expect Roman to know japanese and so she giggled.

"That's pretty good japanese. I'm also delighted to meet all of you", Haruka said.

"I find your attire fine, Miss Haruka, I never once thought it was weird, I too am wearing a hot garment, am I not?" As Roman motioned to the fine coat he was wearing, on top of the fact that he had gloves on too.

"I find it quite impressive that you can tell the subtle differences in my accent from that of a Russian. But you are right, I am not Russian, I am Ukrainian," he told her/them, pausing for a moment. "I know what you are all going to ask; yes, Ukraine is as bad as you hear it is, and then some," he told them, knowing full well that whenever he told people where he was from that they always were curious to know whether Ukraine was really as bad as it was made out to be, or whether it was just propaganda.

"Well, when I was growing up, the ghetto in the remains of Nagano was not a very pleasant place either, I guess Katsu would know too, it was constantly in the news", Haruka said and then focused her attention of Zhao who seemed to be most agressive than the others but at the same time it didn't seem like he was picking a fight or anything like that. It appeared he had been through a lot and had developed a thick skin but also a "won't be ran over" attitude.

"Finally, I'm glad your smarter than those dumbasses back at home. So, it seems we have two Japanese people, a Ukrainian, a Taiwanese, and an American making up the crew"

Haruka walked a bit in direction of Zhao's suit and looked over to him.

"Your suit's design is quite unique Zhao, while it seems to be old, it actually is pretty advanced for it's age. It had no problem taking in the firmware and I think for someone with your skills, the new targeting interface will come really in handy. I read all your profiles and tried to incorporate some interface designs that fit the most with your skillset. I heard a lot about you Zhao, you're very commited to the cause, and if I may give an opinion I think you are really brave. Standing up for yourself when everything seems against you takes a lot of courage. And your file speaks for itself, impecable", Haruka said giving him a smile.

General Ramirez walked over to them and smiled at all of them.

"It's nice to see our team is getting along so well. Well, get settled in gentlemen, we'll begin test runs in a couple of hours. You're dismissed", General Ramirez said and went on his way after saluting Haruka who in turn saluted back.

"You guys might want to get settled first and have a look around the facility, we'll meet back here when it's time to do the test runs. I'm sure you're all eager to get back into your suits, and your suits can't wait either", Haruka said.

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