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Your suit's design is quite unique Zhao, while it seems to be old, it actually is pretty advanced for it's age. It had no problem taking in the firmware and I think for someone with your skills, the new targeting interface will come really in handy. I read all your profiles and tried to incorporate some interface designs that fit the most with your skillset. I heard a lot about you Zhao, you're very commited to the cause, and if I may give an opinion I think you are really brave. Standing up for yourself when everything seems against you takes a lot of courage. And your file speaks for itself, impecable"

Zhao couldn't help but grin. "You just made my day," he said, feeling good for once. Looks like I don't have to worry about proving myself, he thought with satisfaction.

"You guys might want to get settled first and have a look around the facility, we'll meet back here when it's time to do the test runs. I'm sure you're all eager to get back into your suits, and your suits can't wait either"

"What time do we have to meet back here?" Zhao asked. "And how big is the facility anyways?"

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