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Cook had just finnished his meeting with the leader of MDN and was given commands to recolonize the moon.

"Sir!" one of his squad members said, "If we are to recolonize the moon, we will need more troops, and engineers, and more battlesuits!"

"Indeed, you are right," Cook said obviously lost in a daze. He was infact given supplies by the President, and millitary transports as well. All he needed to do was consult with General Ramirez about troops he needed. He picked up his communicator, and dialed the good general's number.

"General....are you there? Well, this is Commander Cook requesting rienforcements. I have failed to take over the moon, and my squad is now down to only two of my original men, myslef, and four Mercenaries I found on the station who are willing to join my battlegroup. I will however need moe troops in order to protect myself while I put up my new moonbase no telling what kind of other monsters will attack again. The MDN President has already given me the recources to build, all I need now is you to supply me with the needed troops. Well, I hope to hear back from you soon, Sir. Cook out."

To be continued.....

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