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I want a sequel just for the multiplayer.

Double Fine just did their first multiplayer game, and they celebrate by resurrecting Battlezone and Sacrifice? YES PLEASE. I don't think after all they've done, this is a franchise that they can walk away from.

The multiplayer could be the same and I'd still buy it. I picture a Brutal Legend 2 single player experience getting the Assassin's Creed treatment. I only picture a new faction or two and some new maps for multiplayer, and I'll be as happy as can be.

According to VGchartz (which sucks) BL on 360 is selling roughly at the same rate that Mirror's Edge did. PSN is a little less, and the community there is less healthy unfortunately.

The thing about finances is that this time around, it's Activision who paid the price for Brutal Legend's development. EA's contributions were very last-minute.

This game's multiplayer strikes a chord in me. The last game to try this on a console was Guilty Gear 2, which I did not like. I tell as many people as I can to get this game, and I wrote a big mulitplayer guide to help out other players confused by the Stage Battles. The top players contributed to it in amazing ways. I'm going to post it here soon.

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