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Originally Posted by cb750f-2010656 View Post
It was just a thought. I think someone should.
It's not a question of whether you or anyone else would - no group of volunteers/indie workers/amateur developers is going to get the licensing rights to simply develop something that so blatantly infringes on a Lucas IP like that.

That should be enough to discount any "make it yourself" ideas, but if that were not enough, the prospect of designing any sort of next-gen game from the ground up is impossible without a large (dedicated) dev team and an incredible amount of time. If your assertion is that the game should be made in an existing SW game (like Battlefront II), then you're not asking for a new game, you're just asking for a mod - and those have been done in spades. Just look around a little.

My point is that if you "knew the first thing about game design" - and I don't mean to be condescending - you would see what a ludicrous statement that is. No one with any degree of common sense and even a little bit of design knowledge could contend that your suggestion is remotely possible.

Originally Posted by cb750f-2010656 View Post
I really don't seek a career in game design. It is much more fun to test ride a motorcycle than test play a new video game.
"Different strokes..." Design is more interesting to me than any sort of vehicle maintenance/mechanics, and game design =/= QA testing.
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