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We'd suggested this in the Battlefront Regulars group, but it doesn't seem like anyone was ever going to get around to it...well, here it is.

I'm going to make a poll. First, however, I need options for it. Of course, some of them are obvious just from browsing through old topics, but we're looking for something other than more maps and more heroes. This way, it'll be relatively simple to find out what is wanted most and the general way it is wanted.

I know that at this point Battlefront III is a long shot. Free Radical went under and threw it to Rebellion, who vomited out Elite Squadron. Was Elite Squadron supposed to be Battlefront III? Maybe, but there is a huge difference between what FR was going to give us and what Rebellion gave us. Maybe it's still somewhere in Rebellion. So both life and feeble attempts at activity go on in the Star Wars: Battlefront series of the LucasForums.

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It is LucasArts.

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