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"So shouldn't we try to get to know each other a little better during these next 2 hours? I'm not trying to interrupt your fabulous tour here Haruka, I just think if we're going to be teammates it would be easier to cooperate if we all actually like each other."

"Well you can definitely do that if you wish", Haruka said and turned over to Katsu.

"Would it be possible to customize our dormitories to the way we wish to them to look? Or will we have to leave them the way we found them?"

"You can do with your dormitories what you like, they are yours from this moment on", Haruka said.

"Anybody else care to bunk with me? There's plenty of Roman for everyone,"

"Well to each's own I guess", Haruka said and moved towards the wall as her PDA rang. She took it out and found she had gotten a message. She opened it and found it was mailed to her from a Mr. Robeypants. She looked at it for a moment as if deep in thought and then turned to the guys.

"I'll meet you back later, I'm sorry but there is something urgent i must attend to", Haruka said and turned to leave walking fast.


General Ramirez was walking through the hallways with the Director Kellan again. They were pretty much quiet the entire time until Ramirez's PDA rang. He took it out and saw a new voice mail was there. And he played it.

"General....are you there? Well, this is Commander Cook requesting rienforcements. I have failed to take over the moon, and my squad is now down to only two of my original men, myslef, and four Mercenaries I found on the station who are willing to join my battlegroup. I will however need moe troops in order to protect myself while I put up my new moonbase no telling what kind of other monsters will attack again. The MDN President has already given me the recources to build, all I need now is you to supply me with the needed troops. Well, I hope to hear back from you soon, Sir. Cook out."

"Cook again huh?", Kellan said and sighed.

"What should I tell him?", Ramirez asked.

"What we've told NASA and the others, they'll get their funding and help when our priorities have been delt with. Right now I don't care about the moon and neither does the board of directors. Right now our priority is establishing that treaty with the Arab countries. Without that alliance, private Cook can kiss his family's moon base goodbye and we can all kiss our asses goodbye", Kellen said.

"We really have no one to spare?", General Ramirez asked.

Kellen looked around to General Ramirez and sighed once more.

"Alright, send a brigade of infantry troops. No Elites, we came here to do a job and this team was assembled for it. Let's not deviate", Kellen said and walked away.

General Ramirez sent a message to Cook.

"Sergeant Cook, a brigade of infantry soldiers is going your way, sorry but we can't spare many soldiers. Especially elites, the burocrats don't really care about the moon right now, the Chinese and the Russians are pressing more for the Arab Countries, and in the end if they don't get the Arab resources they can't hold the moon base for long. Good Luck", General Ramirez typed and sent the message.

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