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Xaiver laughed with Roman, happy to see someone who knew how to have fun. However it seemed the supposed good mood everyone was feeling suddenly vanished. First Haruka got a message which seemed to cause her some distress.

"I'll meet you back later, I'm sorry but there is something urgent i must attend to"

Xaiver looked into her eyes and saw the urgency in them. Whatever she got must have been very important.

I hope things go well for you Haruka he thought to himself.

He then turned to see Roman walk away from the group. Suddenly he remembered what Roman had said before moving and Xaiver realized he was embarrassed. Xaiver smacked his hand against his head before shaking it slightly. He looked over at Zhao at who was still standing there. Now their leader, which Xaiver guessed was Haruka who unfortunately was forced to leave them and Roman was already straying from the group. Not to mention Zhao looked like the loner type and Katsu looked like he kept to himself too.

Well someone has to do something. A good team always needs a second in command, for emergencies such as this.

"Alright I think its safe to say we all want to get to our battle suits, but this isn't looking good guys. When we all get back to our suits let's try talking while we work on them."

Xaiver began making his towards his battle suit and when he finally arrived he saw Roman working on his own.

"Hey big guy!" Xaiver shouted up to him. "Think you got enough guns on there?"

Giving Roman time to respond took a piece of paper and pen from a work area and began writing something down. He turned to see Katsu was here as well.

"By the way, nice voice you got there Katsu. You should try using it more often," Xaiver said teasing Katsu lightly
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