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"Thank you comrade Katsu, I'm glad you did get it, although I don't know how. But don't worry, I'll make sure to say something in the future that'll make you laugh, and won't make me look like a fool, I promise,"

Katsu nodded up at him. Before his unit had been wiped out they had fought at the very edge of Ukraine's borders for a short time and he had seen actions such as cannibalism and brutal murders that had shocked him and the rest of his unit.

He looked up at Roman who was leaning against the head of his mech and was apparently...singing.

"If you all will please excuse me, I'm going to head for the dormitories and get some sleep before we meet up with Haruka again."

And with that Katsu slid off the foot of his mech and began walking toward the dormitories.

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