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Zhao rolled his eyes as Roman and company walked away. So he didn't exactly get the joke, but he did try to be humorous. Zhao decided to not go after Roman. As soon as someone was made a fool of, even if it was completely unintentional, Zhao didn't believe people would listen to reason after that. Besides, the only reason he had gone with everyone was just so the team could effectively bond, and therefore, carry out missions effectively. He really didn't care much about friendship at all - Zhao didn't even believe it existed, he had been ostracized so much. Well, may as well find my cabin, Zhao thought. A little bit of decorating and feeling at home couldn't hurt. Haruka was right - finding his cabin wasn't that hard at all. He went into the cabin. With no lights on, it was pitch black, so he couldn't see anything. He swore in his native Taiwanese dialect after tripping over himself in the darkness, and then yelled an obscenity in his native tongue when he hit his head on the wall trying to get back on his feet. After fumbling around for the switch, he was able to get the lights on. The room was pretty boring - just a bed, a nightstand, and a communicator of sorts on the stand (Probably for urgent needs, Zhao thought), and an alarm clock. Zhao flopped himself down on the bed. He began to try to imagine where certain parts of furniture and decorations would go. A desk could go here, he thought. Maybe a lamp there. A new paint job would be nice, too. Zhao felt comfortable in his room, as boring as it was in its current state. After all, where else could he get some alone time?

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