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Inside the female Hobbit's home, Meara sat across the table, opposite of Albie. They ate they're stew quietly, not having much to say. Times were different. When Meara was a small child, she'd have a lot to say. Like seeing a squirrel eat a nut, what games the Hobbit children and her played, or seeing new and wondrous things.

But now that Meara became a young adult, Albie felt as if she was losing Meara because of her being an adult. The elderly Hobbit stared at her with a saddened smile. Meara looked up, noticing Albie looking sad.

"Albie? What's wrong?" Her voice was a quiet one, like a calm river running. Albie continued to smile. "Oh my dear Meara..." the female Hobbit slowly got up and went by Meara's side. She touched the young Human's cheeks with her small, gentle hands. "My dear child. In all these years... you've been nothing but kind and helpful to me."

The young woman stared at Albie with a slight, confused look. "I... I don't understand, Albie..."

Albie looked down quietly. She then looked up at Meara with tears streaming down. "Come, child. Let us walk in the gardens..." And with that, Albie went to the door, and opened it. Meara hesitantly got up, following her guardian.
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