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Xaiver smiled at Haruka's giggle, and on top of that he was happy with her response. At least he felt comfortable around two people in the group now.

"You should go and see about Katsu though, I think my singing scared him off. Zhoa too. He seems the loner type, but even they ((loners that is)) need talking to, friend," he told him, leaning back, so that he was no longer looking down from his mech. "Besides, I'll tell all of you about the story later, it's getting too close to the test runs for me to be reciting nostalgic stories about Ukraine."

Xaiver had forgotten about the tests for a few seconds, which he found a little odd; He didn't usually drift off like that.

"Good call, I guess I'll bring the wonder twins back here." and with that Xaiver walked off towards the dormitories.
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