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"Hello Miss Haruka, you're as pretty as the last time I saw you."

Haruka grinned slightly at his words and continued to type in her computer, trying to finish quickly before turning her attention to him. As she finished, she heard him say a lot more. Trying to justify his words from before and apologizing. She turned to him as he said the stuff about her being cold and then completely change the subject with the cookie remark. This made her giggle a bit.

"I'm a bit cold but I also have this thermal shirt underneath so it's all good", she said giving him a small smile. "Oh and don't worry about what happened earlier, I did get the joke, I was joking too but I had an emergency so I couldn't follow up I'm sorry. And yes I do like cookies sometimes, why?"

She looked at him intently, he was a very interesting man. She could tell he was worried about her thoughts about him and this was a bit amusing but she respected his feelings about it.

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