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Roman was beginning to cheer up as he saw Haruka grinning, and even giggling at his comments.

"I'm a bit cold but I also have this thermal shirt underneath so it's all good," Haruka said, smiling at him, making Roman smile back, somewhat abashed that he thought she might need his coat. "Oh and don't worry about what happened earlier, I did get the joke, I was joking too but I had an emergency so I couldn't follow up I'm sorry. And yes I do like cookies sometimes, why?" Haruka looking at him with great intent, making Roman a bit more abashed, and nervous too.

Roman was, however, relieved to hear that Haruka had understood his joke to some degree, and had even wanted to follow through with a joke of her own in response. This lifted quite a lot of stress off of his shoulders, obviously.

"An emergency you say? I hope it wasn't too bad," he commented, hoping that any worries she had about said emergency might be somewhat alleviated through his comments. "I'm here if you need anything Miss Haruka, and even if there's nothing I can do, then you have my support. Even the kind where I make a fool of myself offering you my coat like some old fashioned gentleman, not realizing it's the 22nd ((I think that's right)) century," Roman laughed, although it was an honest one, it was still half-hearted, as he had reminded himself of yet another one of his blunders on his way to attempt to impress Haruka in some way.

"As for the cookies, I uh....." Roman looked at his feet as if he'd just realized they existed, trying not to say it in too offensive of a way, but in the end, he realized that commenting on cookies disappearing in ghettos would be too high of a risk to take, when it came down to it. He didn't want to chalk up another blunder, nor did he want to insult the beautiful young girl who'd grown up in one of those very ghettos.

"....Glad to hear it.....Yeah, glad to hear it," he replied blandly.

"'I'm getting nowhere like this,'" he said in Ukrainian-Russian, looking up and over at the Lævateinn 2. Roman looked at Haruka, and smiled, trying to buy time; but to no avail, he had no more ideas, and he was beginning to run out of juice when it came down to speaking in English too. That was it! Language, he would ask her about that.

"So, I have a question Miss Haruka. Would you mind teaching me some Japanese? So far I've learned on my own from listening to my technicians yell at me, but that doesn't create stable ground for learning a new language," he asked, and told Haruka with a kind smile. "Besides, it will help us pass the time until the test runs, seeing as I'm finished with anything I wanted to do on the Lævateinn 2, and you seem finished with what you're doing on the Aegis ju ichi."

Roman smiled yet again, only far more nervously, thinking, 'I'm looking more, and more like the fool in front of her. Next she'll find my trinket box on the Lævateinn 2, and see my picture of when I lost that bet, and had to wear pink versions of my clothes, and make everything else on me pink too: hair, eyebrows, and eyes included! That would be just wonderful!'

"But in you...I see the potential to see the Force die, to turn away from its will..."
"You are beautiful to me, exile. A dead spot in the Force, an emptiness in which its will might be denied."
"But no Jedi ever made the choice you did. To sever ties so completely, so utterly, that it leaves a wound in the Force..."
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