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((No problem...but now you owe me that story ))

Xaiver made his way to the dormitories, wondering how much longer it would be until the test runs. He called out to Zhao and Katsu ready to tell them about what was happening.

"Hey guys, I told Roman and Haruka I'd bring you two back to the battle suits. They'll be waiting..." Xaiver began to say.

Alone...he set me up! Well why should I care anyway, I mean I just met her...I mean them. Besides they all probably think your just another American who doesn't care about anyone but himself. I'm not I? Xaiver snapped out of the conversation with himself.
"...for us, we should hurry back there."

He began to make his way back towards the battle suits. He didn't know why he was getting worked up like this, it was probably best to just let it go for now. As he got closer to the battle suits, he kept his eyes fixed on Roman and Haruka. He didn't see a chair in his path and smacked into it. He quickly covered his mouth to stop himself from yelling and continued walking like nothing ever happened.

"Miss me?" Xaiver called out to the two of them as he continued walking towards them. "Zhao and Katsu should hopefully be on their way," he added almost forgetting about them.
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