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Everybody was hard at work in New Shire, and coming into the town was a small train of travelers. If one would look at them closely, there would be nobility traveling within it. Behind the caravan were horses and carts carrying supplies guarded by nine soldiers, three of each belonging to one of the great rulers that rode in front of them.

On the left side upon a mighty steed was Nimon, 3rd Ritter of the Mark and son of king Thoin of Rohan. Next to him in a guilded carriage pulled by white horses was King Nuumer the third, named after one of the kings of Druin who was remembered as "The rearguard of the fellowship" where he and his men travelled behind them. This king was his descendant and rode in the carriage with his two sons, one 15, one 18 and his old and wise advisor. Walking on the right side of the carriage was a man of Gondor, Steward Sonamir, distant relative of the current king. Three of the nine soldiers behind them belonged to these men.

In front of the princes were thirteen dwarfs each were grandchildren of thirteen dwarfs that accompanied Bilbo Baggins once upon a time and in another age. There were four people in front of the caravan, on foot was an old wise Dwarf named Gimli who was just a little over one thousand years old. Next to him was an Elven King named Legolas who was ruler of one of the new Elven colonies. On a horse almost as old as him, an old nature loving wizard named Beorn rode and next to him upon the mighty Shaddowfex was Gandalf the White. Not only would they soon recruit hobbits to the cause, but Gandalf carried something, a mighty sword that belonged to Isildur. The heir of Gondor also dwelled here, Meara. Gandalf was to give her this gift.....

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