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"An emergency you say? I hope it wasn't too bad," he commented, hoping that any worries she had about said emergency might be somewhat alleviated through his comments. "I'm here if you need anything Miss Haruka, and even if there's nothing I can do, then you have my support. Even the kind where I make a fool of myself offering you my coat like some old fashioned gentleman, not realizing it's the 22nd ((I think that's right)) century," Roman laughed, although it was an honest one, it was still half-hearted, as he had reminded himself of yet another one of his blunders on his way to attempt to impress Haruka in some way.

Haruka's eyes widened a bit and then looked at the jacket.

"Oh sorry, thanks a lot. I'm just not acustomed to others giving that kind of courtesy towards me", Haruka said and put on his jacket over her shoulders. "I feel a bit warmer now, thanks", she said giving him a small smile.

"So, I have a question Miss Haruka. Would you mind teaching me some Japanese? So far I've learned on my own from listening to my technicians yell at me, but that doesn't create stable ground for learning a new language," he asked, and told Haruka with a kind smile. "Besides, it will help us pass the time until the test runs, seeing as I'm finished with anything I wanted to do on the Lævateinn 2, and you seem finished with what you're doing on the Aegis ju ichi."

"Well I don't know how much I can teach you in so small a time", Haruka said giggling a bit and then looked at him. "I guess it won't hurt to try, you already have the basics down for all the phrases you've said so far."

She then looked over to where Xaivier was coming towards them.

"Miss me?" Xaiver called out to the two of them as he continued walking towards them. "Zhao and Katsu should hopefully be on their way," he added almost forgetting about them.

"That's good, let me see...", Haruka said as she turned to the monitor on the wall. It seems my test will the the first one so you guys get an idea of what we're gonna do. Each trial is different given the kind of fieldwork you specialize in. Mine is aerial and close range combat. So a lot of my training is in midair", Haruka said.

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