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Zhao heard Xaivier's voice call out to him and Katsu, though it was a bit muffled, as he had the door to his room closed.

"Hey guys, I told Roman and Haruka I'd bring you two back to the battle suits. They'll be waiting..."

Zhao poked his head out of his room just in time to see Xaivier disappear down the hallway. May as well join them, he thought. He then noticed Katsu hadn't come out of his room. Probably asleep, Zhao thought. He then went up and banged loudly on the door to Katsu's room. "Xaiver wants us to get back to our mechs," he said in a raised voice, so Katsu could hear. Zhao didn't know why he felt compelled to help Katsu, as Zhao himself was very anti-people. I must be eager to get out of here, he thought. Zhao then walked down the hall and into the hangar. "Alright, this better be important," Zhao said to the others, annoyed that he didn't get more time to himself. "Katsu's probably waking up from his nap, and I'm itching to get back into my mech."

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