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Cool Guy Jedi Academy Server: Meatgrinder Returns in 2010!

Thanks to some last minute sponsoring, my JA server is back for awhile (unless the economy eats too!).

As you've come to expect, the Meatgrinder isn't the place to stand around in line waiting for a duel or to endlessly chat or roleplay or worry about the admin abusing you for not following his esoteric "rules," it's the place to fill the map with the gibs of your wasted enemies!

IP is here:

Status is HERE.

Star Wars Skins and OJP Basic supported but not required (see HERE).

[Link Fixed]

The server is high speed and has room for 64 slots, though the maps I'm using don't work too well with that many, so I usually keep it down to 16 or 20.

Come one, come all...

And IF the Vent server is still running:

you can voice chat with other players (assuming they're logged in as well).

Get Ventrilo HERE.

Vent Server:
Port #: 4544

Channel "A" Meatgrinder

(my setup isn't working atm, so if someone can confirm it's working, let me know)

Star Wars skins can be found at or

Download JK2 maps for JA Server|BOOT CAMP!|Strategic Academy|
(JA Server:

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