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"That's good, let me see...", Haruka said as she turned to the monitor on the wall. It seems my test will the the first one so you guys get an idea of what we're gonna do. Each trial is different given the kind of fieldwork you specialize in. Mine is aerial and close range combat. So a lot of my training is in midair"

"I'm all about close range, I've turned Nova into the ultimate close quarters warrior." Xaiver stated proudly.

"Alright, this better be important," Zhao said to the others, annoyed that he didn't get more time to himself. "Katsu's probably waking up from his nap, and I'm itching to get back into my mech."

"Amen to that Ace. Well we're each taking the tests individually and each trial is based off what your suit specializes in. Haruka here will be going first," Xaiver said to Zhao and Katsu before turning to Haruka "Speaking of going first, is the second slot already slotted or are we taking volunteers?"
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