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"Oh sorry, thanks a lot. I'm just not accustomed to others giving that kind of courtesy towards me," Haruka said and put on his jacket over her shoulders. "I feel a bit warmer now, thanks," she said giving him a small smile.

Roman smiled back warmly, somewhat relieved by her remarks. "You're very much welcome. But you don't have to wear it, it was simply a kind gesture on my part, no obligation goes towards you to wear it Miss Haruka, if you don't want to, that is," he explained kindly.

"Well I don't know how much I can teach you in so small a time," Haruka said, giggling a bit, and then she looked at Roman, making him grin abashedly. "I guess it won't hurt to try, you already have the basics down for all the phrases you've said so far."

"You should hear me when I try to carry on a conversation! I end up saying things so wrong, the technicians don't even want to tell me what I said half the time," he laughed at himself, unashamed. "Besides, Miss Haruka, you don't have to teach me now, considering the time restriction, but if I may ask, would you be willing to teach me over a long term period?" He asked with a small, but handsome smile.

"Miss me?" Roman heard from off to the side, looking over he noticed Xaiver was back. "Zhao and Katsu should hopefully be on their way," the younger man said, making Roman raise an eyebrow as he thought of how expediently Xaiver had returned. He'd hoped that his friend would have gotten the idea to give him some time.

"That's good, let me see..." Haruka said as she turned to the monitor on the wall. "It seems my test will the the first one so you guys get an idea of what we're gonna do. Each trial is different given the kind of fieldwork you specialize in. Mine is aerial and close range combat. So a lot of my training is in midair," she told them.

Roman smiled at this, he couldn't wait to see Haruka, and the Aegis 11 at work finally. Roman sat and listened to the remarks going back and forth for a bit.

"So...May I ask why we were summoned here?"

"How quickly they forget"
, Haruka said jokingly. "We're about to begin our training exercises guys."

"How quickly indeed," Roman added, chuckling at Haruka's joking manner.

"Well the order is a first come first served. They said I should be first because I'll be gathering data of your performances. Takahashi-san will gather info about me and Aegis 11. But if you guys want to settle among yourselves, you can decide the order," she told them all, Roman leaning back, somewhat nonchalantly.

"If it's all the same then, I call third slot, after whoever goes after Miss Haruka. I want to at least see one of my fellow pilots' performance before I go out," Roman said.

"Over there you can make a selection of weapons you might want to test out, my designs so make sure to take advantage of all their features." Roman smiled as he looked over at the monitor Haruka was pointing at.

He looked back at Haruka, he remarked, and complimented, "I'll be sure to take a look Miss Haruka. Considering they're your design, they're probably very good."

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