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"How quickly they forget", Haruka said jokingly. "We're about to begin our training excersizes guys."

Xaiver chuckled at the joke and added in, "Musta been quite a nap he had."

"Well the order is a first come first served. They said I should be first because I'll be gathering data of your performances. Takahashi-san will gather info about me and Aegis 11. But if you guys want to settle among yourselves, you can decide the order", Haruka said and pointed towards a terminal near the monitor. "Over there you can make a selection of weapons you might want to test out, my designs so make sure to take advantage of all their features".

Xaiver looked around the room for a few seconds before stretching his arms.

"Well I guess we'll have to..."

Xaiver heard Roman speak up before him, however he had picked the third slot.

You just went up in awesome in my book Xaiver thought.

"I'll go second, and I'll try not to make the rest of you look bad. So what exactly can we expect from these trials, or are you going to smile at me and tell me its a surprise?" he added in looking at Haruka.
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