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Why keep some thing that has no real point to it! Most members in this thread that protest to keep the 1000 mark are already over 1000, or just about to hit it, so it wouldn't matter much to them. But what about other members here? I have seen some that have less than 1000 posts and have been here for several years!

Pros and Cons of keeping old 1000 ways

*A feel of accomplishment (big deal,imo)

*It is only worth a "Yay, I made it to 1000"
*The system can cause unwanted spamming
*Wasted space from new members creating multiple threads asking about how to change it

Pros and Cons of allowing freedom to change it

*No more spamming to get to 1000 (isn't the Community Forum Games a result of such a thing?)
*Every one can have freedom and a feel for independence for themselves
*Saves space by preventing creation of threads by new members on how to change it

Some forum veterans will have to say good bye to an old tradition

Once again if it has no real use then why keep it? Plus how many more people and threads similar to this one will it take before it does change.

Not all change is bad!
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