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Moxie watched as the men talked. Ashtin was getting really upset about Rusu. He felt that he didn't trust him. Neither did Darius. The young girl watched on, hoping that nothing would start. Finally, the man was gone.

Deep in her mind, she really wanted to know more about him. If he said was true about meeting her parents... then, she'd have to know. Somehow...

"So Moxie, do you know how to use a gun? Actually let me rephrase that. Your boss agreed to a week and that's not a lot of time to teach you everything I know, so I want you to tell me what you want me to teach you."

Moxie turned to Darius and smiled, knowing his statement. "Oh, yes! I used a gun since the fall of AWO. But I would like more fighting skills with my hands. If that's all right."

She glanced up at Ashtin, her eyes saddened. She was beginning to worry for him...
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