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Albie and Meara walked the garden of the Shire, as the quietness around them felt comforting. But what uncomforting was with Meara still being confused. "Albie?" the young woman asked, walking over a bridge with the Hobbit, "what's going on? Is something bothering you?"

They stopped, facing the stream that flowed calmly below. Albie sighed. "Meara? You remember how you always wanted to know your destiny? How you wanted to know who you really were?"

Meara nodded quietly.

"Well... I was saving this for the right moment, but now is the time. Meara..." Albie faced the young woman, looking up a her. "You are the heir of Gondor. Descendant of King Elessar, also known as Aragon, and the queen Arwen, daughter of Elrond and Celebrķan.

Your parents, Tigris and Glynis, were killed when Minas Tirith was invaded. But they died for your protection. And so... they ordered me to guard you. From any danger. Now, I am too old to do anything. But you, Meara, must face greater things. I feel that something is bound to happen. An you're called to face such tasks, along with others who are willing to help you."

After Albie was finished, Meara stared at the female Hobbit with surprise. This was all too sudden. Backing away, she shook her head. "No. No! I didn't know I was Nobel! I didn't know my parents at all! I..."

And with that, the young girl ran off in the fields, crying. "Meara!!" Albie shouted, holding her cane and watching her leave. She really wanted to go after her. But due to her state, she couldn't. Albie sighed sadly.
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