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"I'll be sure to take a look Miss Haruka. Considering they're your design, they're probably very good."

"Why thank you", Haruka said to Roman with a smile. She then turned to Xaivier.

"I'll go second, and I'll try not to make the rest of you look bad. So what exactly can we expect from these trials, or are you going to smile at me and tell me its a surprise?" he added in looking at Haruka.

She put her finger to her mouth and smiled.

"Himitsu", Haruka said playfully, which meant Secret in japanese. "Nothing that would get you off your balance though, it's not like we're gonna make you dance in your suit", Haruka said with a small laugh.

"What weapons would you suggest besides the energy sword?"

She turned to face Katsu who seemed undecided as to what to try.

"Well considering I read your dossiers and what you favor, I'd suggest you try the twin saw daggers and the R5600 Battle rifle, it has high power at mild cost of accuracy because of the recoil, but if you can manage to control it, the average armor plating could be penetrated in about three well placed shots. Which is a lot for a battle rifle", Haruka said.

I'd also like to know, what weapons would you suggest?"

As Zhao spoke, Haruka also turned to face him.

"For Zhao I'd suggest the BK32 Plasma Assault Riffle, and perhaps the Neutron shield, it would complement your spear for close range combat and you can carry it as a bracelet on your suit's arm", Haruka said.

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