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"Oh, yes! I used a gun since the fall of AWO. But I would like more fighting skills with my hands. If that's all right."

Darius nodded his head, very impressed with Moxie's answer. Unarmed combat was the most important skill every merc should know. Only having a week, Darius would have to do his best to teach Moxie as much as he could. He have to pick the right fighting style for Moxie, one that would ensure her survival.

"Of course its alright Mox. Tomorrow we'll play around with a couple different styles and see which one you like best. Fortunately for you, your amazing instructor has mastered many different fighting styles so whichever you like the best chances are I've mastered it."

Darius looked over at Ashtin, who was still angry at well about everything he guessed. He then looked back to Moxie who went from happy to sad just that quickly.

"You just don't like being happy do you Buzzkill?" Darius said to him

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