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Originally Posted by Alexrd View Post
Do you just use Siege?
Short answer:
NO, but there's a lot of it.

Longer answer:
There are two cycles of the 3 Siege maps, followed by a cycle of the basejka CTF maps... and between each cycle there is what I like to call a "Mayhem" round (That basically consists of a Duel map set in FFA mode, basically meaning it's a big saber party (it goes by quickly either due to a shorter time limit or the kill limit being reached quickly). It's just for fun/to break up the reptition)...

...then it repeats.

So basically the first thing you'll see when the server goes up, is a Mayhem round, then there will be a long stretch of Siege.

And the maps always cycle, because there are bots in there, so it'll never just sit on a map waiting for people. I always hated waiting for people (or have people leave because there weren't quite 4 people yet on two teams), so that's what I've done and it's worked pretty well so far.

In the past I've tried hard to promote the Bonus JKA maps, but unless I'm right there spamming the download links and holding people's hands and getting people in off the forums to do it, it seems like nobody plays them, they just all disconnect when those maps come around (and basic autodownloading is out of the question, it's way too slow).

Thanks for the question. Any others?

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