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Originally Posted by Zerimar Nyliram View Post
Let's bear in mind that Jedi celibacy was not an absolute rule at this point in history, it was only a rising trend that seemed to be becoming the norm (especially on Dantooine, but it may not have been universal yet). Just forty years previous, at the time of Exar Kun, Jedi were freely marrying and having families.
Non absolute, yes, but still in rather strong effect. Regardless who Arren Kae actually is/ends up being, it is still recounted that she was banished from the order...though I can think why that would be is b/c it was an extra marital affair.

That said, I don't think Bastila would have necessarily have needed to leave the Order in order to bear children. Sure, it would have been greatly frowned upon by the Masters back at the conclave on Dantooine, but who's to say that she didn't relocate to somewhere else where marriage may still have been the norm?
BioWare may well be playing this note for ambiguity sake, however, we have evidence the intent behind the romance plot in K1 was to actually be that contrived--that Her and Revn DID "do that thing". It was never quite fleshed out that strongly, though.

Now with the recent release of the TOR comic, they seem to be hinting at that as well. I'm going to remain in my thoughts trending this way but it is by no means conviction. If you can refute the evidences of what the plot writer said about his intentions for the romance plot in K1 AND the recent comics seemingly speaking to that end, you might sway me.

Also, I don't think the father necessarily has to have been Revan. She may very well have eventually moved on with her life, and may have even believed Revan to have been gone forever, or dead.
We'll see. It's ambiguous for now, and only time will tell for sure.
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