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Darius looked over at Ashtin and chuckled at his response. Making fun of him was just too much fun! He was just puzzled on how someone could stay so angry for so long. Maybe Ashtin was a teenager in vampire years?

"Hmm, I'd have to say just about everyone's. To be honest I'm not exactly sure how people put up with you when all you do is get angry and complain. Not to mention you have major trusting issues with just about everyone you come into contact with."

Darius took a seat on a chair next to him and pulled out his pistol. He made sure the safety was on before he began twirling it with his finger.

"I get it now...still mad at me are ya? There's something else to add to the board, you don't let things go. Let's go back to that club for a few seconds. Was what I did really such a bad thing? Not only did I make sure no one got hurt but I stopped his chances from escaping into the crowd. Plus my actions probably caught him off guard just as much as you were. Sure I thought about stealthing my way in there but shouldn't an informant for a dangerous gang be expecting someone to take him out. I made sure to draw my weapon first so he couldn't try anything." Darius stopped twirling his pistol and let the words sink in.

He placed the pistol back in the holster and stood up.

"So I guess I take my statement back, you're not buzzkilling everyone. You're buzzkilling yourself and you're bringing everyone down with you."
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