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She put her finger to her mouth and smiled.

"Himitsu", Haruka said playfully, which meant Secret in japanese. "Nothing that would get you off your balance though, it's not like we're gonna make you dance in your suit", Haruka said with a small laugh.

Xaiver smiled at her smile and laughed at the thought of Nova dancing. He looked over at Nova after his random thought.

Don't worry Nova, its almost showtime for us.

"Well, it looks like for the most part, we're prepared. How about you get in that mech of yours after you select a weapon or two and start training? I think I speak for everyone when I say that we're all eager to say how the mechs perform,"

Xaiver laughed and nodded in agreement at Zhao's statement.

"Try not to make us look too bad Haruka, and good luck out there." Xaiver said with a smile.
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