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Originally Posted by Alexrd View Post
Last year, I had a little break and played on the Duel map set in FFA mode. Theed Generator, IIRC. Great fun.

A couple of days ago, I spent some time playing siege, but I got bored for a while. That's why I was asking, because It was always switching between Hoth and Tatooine, and never got a FFA or CTF.

A pity. Those are great maps...

Good job, and keep the server alive.
Thanks! I was ready to let it die a quiet death since I was running low on petty cash, but thanks to ET, it's back!

I don't really mess with the map cycle arrangement unless I'm playing and people request it (or I'm getting bored myself and want to try something different).

The other time it changes if I reset the server (or if it crashes and automatically resets) then it starts back on a Mayhem round before doing the first of two siege cycles.

It'll go from Siege Hoth to Desert then Korriban, mayhem, repeat, mayhem, CTF cycle, mayhem, Hoth, etc.

Agreed about the addon maps. If you see me on there and ask nicely I can put them on. I just don't dare leave them up, because people seem to get bored fast and then abandon the server until the base maps come back on.

Back in the day, when we were a free hosted server (for testing of OJP) we ran OJP Enhanced about half then 3/4th of the time rather than basic and we had several admins. Now it's just me running things, and I'm spending more time traveling or job hunting since getting out of school so I haven't had as much time to micro-manage things. For now the settings are just how I like them, unless people notice some glitches in the cycle that should be fixed (sometimes people get dropped when the game mode changes or the frag/time limits don't get changed properly I've noticed).

After too many cycles without a reset, the Cloaking Shield often stops working for me, or you start getting that infamous "shaky camera" from the swoop bikes on Desert. The first bug only a reset seems to fix, the latter sometimes goes away if you type /reconnect in the console.

Originally Posted by z3zim4 View Post
The best JKA siege server!
I really appreciate that! I've done my best to make it a good home for people who like to play hardcore JKA, something you don't see on many servers anymore. Siege and CTF can be really, really fun, but all you see most of the time is dueling. As long as there is a demand for that, then places like the Meatgrinder can have a home.


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