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Kurt "Konig" Heutelmann strided down the hall of the battle-suit base he was assigned to.

His booted feet echoed louder then anyone elses in the hall, and everyone gave him a path, clearly intimidated by his presence.

The gentle hiss of his gas mask helped him keep a steady pace as he searched for the right room.

Kurt grabbed a technician who was passing by, by the shoulder.

He yanked the man to the side and said loudly,

"Wo ist Frau-Kommandir Suzuhara?"

The puzzled look on the technician's face reminded Kurt of his current location. He grunted and let go of the man's shoulder.

"Where is Commander Suzuhara?"

The tech pointed a shaky finger to a door about 3 meters down the hall.

Kurt nodded, "Danke."

The merc walked the way to the door, opened it, and stepped in carefully. He needed to check if this was the right room.

He saw 3 men and a women, who happened to match the description of his new assignment.

"Are you Suzuhara?" He said, pointing to the women.

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