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The fact is that it is a 10 year old game that unfortunately hasn't seen the sort of perpetuation that, for example, the dark forces series has gotten. While we can have, and have had (though it was dead by the time I found it), a thriving niche community that proliferates the greatness of this game (And it IS a fantastic game), I don't think we can compare ourselves to a forum that has a whole series to call its own.

Well, TPM is, obviously, based on the movie so that would be our series. But in reality the game stands alone. Zanzibar gives his full story here. The point is that the game's hybrid philosophy, sadly, failed in the eyes of the critics and the players, and as a result the would-be sub-genre ceased to exist. AoTC doesn't really have a movie game, and Episode 3's is yet another example of the slash-everthing-to-pieces formula that is virtually every 3rd person Star Wars game.

As for what more we can do now...while it's true that this game has been 99% explored or discussed, there must still be stuff that can be done. Perhaps playing for speed (the level times ARE given at the end, after all), or imposing challenges eg. the minimal kill challenge that I posted a few years ago.
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