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Haruka turned over to the door on the far side of the room as a man walked in, his boots were making noise and she heard a familiar sound coming from what she assumed was a gas mask.

"Welcome Kurt", Haruka said smiling at him and then motioned the others so they'd put attention. "This gentleman here is Kurt Heutelmann. Perhaps some of you have heard of him as he's a famed mercenary in the circles of the PMCs. He was suggested by General Ramirez as a valuable member of out unit".

Haruka then stood up and motioned Roman so he would stand up soon as she would be getting on her battle suit as soon as her name was called.

"This is the elite team we talked to you about Kurt, all of them are the top pilots in the MDN, I'm sure you'll find yourself right at home", Haruka said. "The time for the tests have arrived, I'll be going in first. You might want to take this time to exam the armory Kurt and also check the status of your battle suit unless you take my word for it that it's in pristine condition".

Haruka walked over to a small elevator that would lift her to the cockpit of the Aegis 11. She looked back to them.

"Take the elevator over there to go to the floor we were just on, the room on the left is the observation room. You'll find Takahashi-san there, you can observe with him. He's known me all my life, he's a dear friend of my father", Haruka said and her elevator began rising to take her to the top.

She got there and began changing out of sight of everyone. Putting on her pilot suit which looked like a jumpsuit but armored.

(Think the ones like in Evangelion or Gundam, all pilots also wear helmets)

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