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I should go.
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"Who the hell are you?"

"This is the elite team we talked to you about Kurt, all of them are the top pilots in the MDN, I'm sure you'll find yourself right at home", Haruka said. "The time for the tests have arrived, I'll be going in first. You might want to take this time to exam the armory Kurt and also check the status of your battle suit unless you take my word for it that it's in pristine condition".

Kurt nodded and then looked to the man who had spoken first, Zhao, according to the pictures in the dossier given to Kurt beforehand.

"I suppose that answers your question..."

He chuckled to himself and immediatley turned to the right, looking at the armory.

Kurt shook his head, "Hmmm...."

He considered his own weaponry as he looked at the data files of the different equipment.

"....I think I'll be fine. Let's get this over with."

"Take the elevator over there to go to the floor we were just on, the room on the left is the observation room. You'll find Takahashi-san there, you can observe with him. He's known me all my life, he's a dear friend of my father's."

Kurt nodded an affirmative.

you very much
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