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Originally Posted by ShinDangaioh View Post
Considering Malak's name of Alek Squinquargesimus, I think Revan might also have an embarssing last name and not want to inflict it upon his child. Then checking Wookiepedia, I found out that there are planets like Quelii that don't use surnames for people and use the name of the town they were born in with their given name. Revan might not even have a last name.

As to Bastillia, she was still a padawan and could leave the Order without problems. Another famous padawan around that time also left the Order and was not considered a Jedi by ANYONE: Zayne Carrick.
You know, i dont think Bastila could leave the order without any kind of controversy. I also doubt her rank as Padawan was still in effect after the battle of the Star Forge. She would definitely be given the rank of knight. I dont consider the title to be much of an issue though. Considering the amazing power Bastila possessed, it would very likely cause a great deal of turmoil within the order Order if she just choose to leave.

I think Revan did everything he could to secure her safety before he left for the unknown regions. Revan probably knew what was coming better than anyone, so he gave Bastila all the knowledge she needed to avoid the Sith. This probably lead to her leaving the order in the end; and after what transpired in the years after the Jedi Civil War it proved to be a very wise decision. After all, she is still around at the time of KOTOR II.

I think Bastila knew things that no other Jedi knew. Probably because of her close relationship with Revan. Exactly what this was is another question unanswered.

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