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Haruka took a breath as she sat down on the pilot seat of the Aegis 11 and put her hands on the controls.

"Lets do this my friend", Haruka said and exhaled.

"Aegis 11 test underway, prepare for launch countdown"

Haruka tightened her grip as the countdown began.

"10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1... launch!"

The Aegis 11 sped through the platform onto a huge hangar structure with several combat drones everywhere as well as other battle suits that were not manned. There were also building like structures. The whole scenery changed into a virtual recreation of Tokyo city. Haruka stood in the Aegis 11 not moving. She had her eyes closed for a moment. The drones closing in to her from the sky and the ground.

Haruka opened her eyes and immediately the Aegis 11 took a step back and bended it's knees, suddenly charging forward and turning on her energy sword. She sliced one of the battle suits across the chest and gave a round house kick to the other. As the other spun around she took the chance and impaled the battle suit before rushing forward to the drones in the air. She jumped in the air spreading the wings and began flying around, dodging the missiles fired by the drones. She then fired the multiple jericho that swarmed around her in a perfect circle and spread around to it's multiple targets blowing them up.

She then returned to the ground running around the streets at full speed as gracefully as she could do it. Takahashi then looked at Roman and the others.

"Haruka's mother taught her ballet dancing. She was a great dancer and combined with the skill of japanese Kendo and chinese martial arts, it made her a great candidate for battle suit operating", Takahashi said. "You'll never see her dance though, after her mom died..."

Haruka began dodging the incoming missiles and bullets by using graceful jumps, rolls and flips, also slicing through each battle suit in her way. She also kicked and threw some of them before taking them out with her energy sword. She then looked up as she saw in her HUD that there was a sniper in the far northeast corner. She then wall-jumped and landed on the top of a building taking out her rifle. She then fired three single bullets and hit the head of the battle suit, thus ending the excersize.

"New personal record Haruka", Takahashi said. "As expected".

Haruka grinned.

"I'll be back into the observation room in five minutes, keep my equipment ready, I need to analize the data of my teammates", Haruka said. Takahashi simply nodded.

The Aegis 11 was shortly after back at the hangar with the other battle suits. She did not however, get out of her pilot suit as there wasn't much time before the next test started. And so she put on her scientist robe and went back to the lab in her jumpsuit.

She went inside the observation room and looked at everyone.

"I hope I didn't disappoint you guys too much", Haruka said. "Xaivier, you might want to go ahead and suit up, you're next, whenever you're ready, we'll start".

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