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Xaiver was soon quiet as soon as he saw Haruka in action. He was lost for words as he watched Aegis 11 at work. It truly was a thing of beauty to watch in Xaiver's mind.

"You'll never see her dance though, after her mom died..."

Xaiver nodded in agreement and added, "Its hard to do certain things when we're reminded of the ones we lost" he said rather coldly.

He pushed the past quickly aside and went back to watching Haruka's test run. He cheered her on inside his head just as he planned to do for everyone else. Her performance was certainly going to be hard to follow up on but that wasn't going to bother him. He was going to show everyone else just what he could do...and why his callsign was Psycho. He couldn't help but let out a small snicker at that. Before he had time to continue thinking about the test runs, Haruka walked into the room.

"I hope I didn't disappoint you guys too much", Haruka said. "Xaivier, you might want to go ahead and suit up, you're next, whenever you're ready, we'll start".

"Awesome job out there by the way. I'll do my best to continue the awesome streak." he said with a smile.

Xaiver exited the observation area and took the elevator back down. Within a matter of minutes he was fully suited up in his green armored pilot suit. He placed the matching green helmet over his face and looked over to Nova.

Its showtime

Soon he was sitting in the pilot seat of Nova.

"Alright I'm all ready to go...oh and make sure you hold onto something in case you get blown away."
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