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Kurt silently followed the group to the observation room, msot of the time staying to the back so he could observe the members. He needed to figure them out, their habits, weaknesses, strengths, pyschological profiles, anything and everything that he could rely on during the battle...

....or count on if the situation went south.

It would take time before he'd trust these people. The past wars had already killed alot of those Kurt would trust. Maybe he'd get lucky.

He stood next to the window as the test was about to begin.

"So did anyone bring the popcorn?"

Kurt turned his head to look at the man, who's face rung a bell, but the dossier file's name for him was not remembered.

"Hmm. Ja."

A strange response, even to Kurt, but he couldn't think of much else to say at the moment. He was more focused on the task at hand.

"You'll never see her dance though, after her mom died..."

Kurt could understand such pain all too well, especially as the images of his Father's gruesome death filled his mind. He needed to find peace. They all needed to find a peace. To move forward.

"...perhaps someday she will do so again."

Needless to say, he was impressed by Suzuhara's record in the virtual battle recreation area. Perhaps the MDN wasn't the poorly-trained cannon fodder the European Powers had always played them out to be.

Suddenly, the man who cracked the joke, Xaiver, moved out of the room for his session in what Kurt just nicknamed 'the zone.' He crossed his arms and peered out the window awaiting the results.

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