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((For the record, Rokusians are known for their inbreeding. They pride themselves on their mental talents and to even have a hint of other species was disgraceful. There are some exceptions to the rule but you rarely meet a half Rokusian. All Rokusians are pureblooded))

Aruko brushed at his locks trying to hide his markings. He wasn't too overly proud of it since he had hell as a child and even though the Academy had cadets from everywhere in the Federation, he could be more liberal but still be cautious. Still the question needed to be answered and said, "It's not a tattoo. It's my markings. I'm part Rokusian."


There were a million reasons why he was there but the number one reason was that he was his father's legacy. It didn't matter to Devon Carson though. He would enjoy himself at the Academy and even make pilot like his father. From there it was officer's training all the way. This Academy though was different than the others he had seen but this was the closest to the planet within the Consortium. He sighed as he picked up his bag and headed towards the main green at the announcement. He ran into a boy and a strange girl. She was alien no doubt and she had a peculiar accent. Still he didn't take kindly to having toadstools get in his way. He said, "Hey watch where you're going jailbait. The purpose of legs is to walk."

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