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Zhao was even more silent than usual with Haruka's performance. Something about it made Haruka's mech seem angelic. Probably those wings on the back, Zhao thought.

"Haruka's mother taught her ballet dancing. She was a great dancer and combined with the skill of Japanese Kendo and Chinese martial arts, it made her a great candidate for battle suit operating,"

Zhao managed a small grin upon hearing Haruka knew Chinese martial arts. "Maybe I should spar with her," he said. "I do happen to know some Kung Fu myself."

"You'll never see her dance though, after her mom died..."

Zhao winced a bit. He knew a loss in the family could cause great pain, though he was sure the pain of constantly being ostracized probably was almost just as bad. Quite impressive, that girl hides her pain away extremely well, he thought. Much like himself.

"I hope I didn't disappoint you guys too much,"

"Jesus, woman, that had to be the most impressive run I've ever seen. I'm glad you're on our side. You ought to give those Chinese b******s hell," Zhao praised, being his usual foul-mouthed self, and showing emotion for one of the few times in his life.

"Xaivier, you might want to go ahead and suit up, you're next, whenever you're ready, we'll start."

"Yeah, get your run done and over with so the rest of us can go," Zhao said in all seriousness.

You can have this spot Miss Haruka, seeing as it's right next to Takahashi, and you're both 'analyzing' us."

Oh, seems like Roman admires Haruka, Zhao thought with mild bemusement. Judging by how Roman had praised Haruka in such a kind manner, Zhao couldn't help but wonder if that admiration was actually a genuine crush. By Roman's praise and gentleman-like attitude towards Haruka, Zhao believed that his supposition was likely, though he decided not to get involved. Crushes, to him, always held some type of odd humor; he found it funny in a dark way how break-ups happened, and thought it even more hilarious when a couple made up, and how the one person with the crush would do anything for the other unaware one. He did, however, smirk at Roman after he offered Haruka the seat - though on Zhao's face, a smirk looked almost evil.

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