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"Nova test underway, prepare for launch countdown"

Xaiver took a deep breath like he always did before something important. He smiled as he heard the countdown begin. He turned on the music player he built into Nova to get himself pumped for the test run.


His test visually began just like Haruka's did. As soon as Nova's feet hit the ground he charged right at the unmanned battle suits without any weapons. He hit the first battle suit he saw with an uppercut and followed up with a roundhouse kick. Before it could stand back up, Nova quickly stepped on the suit's head crushing it into the ground. He turned around to see another battle suit with an energy sword in its hand. The suit swung the sword vertically only to have Nova grab it's wrist. Nova twisted its arm behind its back and plunged the sword into it. He turned to see the next battle suit a few yards away from him with a spear in its hand. Nova pointed at the suit and then brought both his hands to his pelvis, taunting the suit. He activated his boosters and charged the battle suit with incredible speeds. He did a bicycle kick on it and knocked the spear away. Nova pulled out two SMGs, compliments of Haruka and quickly finished the suit off. He continued firing the smgs and manged to take out two riflemen with them. Nova placed the smgs back on his sides and crossed his arms in front of his chest. Xaiver smiled from inside, knowing how cool this was going to look and activated his custom made energy swords. Nova ran at the next target and leaped into the air with his thrusters. He brought both his swords down on the battle suit and cut off both its arms. He stabbed the suit with his left hand and kicked the suit to the ground. A battle suit tried to cut him with an energy sword but was quickly blocked by Nova. Nova shook his head and wagged his finger at the battle suit as he took the suit's head off with his left hand. Sensing another enemy from behind, Nova quickly ducked down just in time toe see another sword go over his head. He sweep kicked the battle suit causing it to fall. Before it even had a chance it hit the ground, Nova had already sliced it in half. He turned back around to see a much larger battle suit wielding and axe and a shield. The battle suit swung its mighty axe down forcing Nova to roll away. He flipped backwards before the suit had a chance to smash Nova in with its shield. Nova jumped over the suit's next attack and threw the energy sword in his left hand at the battle suits axe arm. Xaiver smiled as he watched the things right arm drop to the ground. Nova pulled out his battle rifle and started running at the battle suit. He dove to the ground and slid under the battle suit, firing as he went past its legs. Nova plunged the energy sword in his right hand into the suit's back to stop himself. He jumped up into the air and shot the battle suit in the back of the head. Nova dove backwards from the incoming attack of the suit's shield arm. He looked at the one armed mech, then the battle axe, and then back to the mech. He charged one last time at his foe and hit hit in the chest with a powerful dropkick. The battle suit was launched right into its own battle axe finishing it off for good. Xaiver walked up to it and pulled the one sword from its back. He was just about to get his second sword when his HUD started blinking. Nova turned around to see one last battle suit. Xaiver let out a sigh and shook his head. Nova stabbed the the battle suit with his sword and lifted it into the air. Nova raised his left arm enough to have his battle rifle sitting right in front of the mech's face. Nova pulled the trigger and removed the sword. He collected his weapons and laughed at how much fun that was. He did a quick victory dance.

"Hey I thought you said we weren't gonna dance in our suits." Xaiver said with a chuckle.

Within a few minutes he was back in the observation room with the others.

"That was so much fun!" Xaiver said excitedly raising his right arm into the air waiting for a high five. "So how'd I do?!?!" he said trying not to jump for joy.
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