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Lights, Lights, and More Lights: A Collection of Poetry

I once saw Light,
Beautiful Light, which filled my world with hope,
Never blinding me, never causing harm.
Light kept all corruption from me; despair and fear.
Then, Light began to fade.
Life, it seemed, was over.
Mephisto, Master of Malevolent Hope, had a mighty grip on me.
As Light faded, life became a shadowy forest.
Light had meandered off the trail,
Disappeared and left me, lost, and without a map.
I searched desperately for Light,
For I was cold, and left alone, unfinished like a puzzle.
Left broken, I would run and hide until memories stayed away.
They did not.
I would try to leave behind a love so strong.
What had nearly made me whole,
What had warmly greeted me when it arrived,
Had left silently, without a trace.
September 18, 2008

When my Light had faded,
I thought I'd found a new Light.
A brighter Light, a stronger Light.
It ran away from me, and dimmed.
I found it, I brightened it back up,
Only to be left alone in the dark once more.
As the darkness fell upon me,
A black arrow, smothered in poison,
Pierced my heart and flooded through my veins.
As the toxin began eating me away,
One question filled my mind:
"Why am I not allowed to love and be loved in return?"
And then the shadows swallowed me once more.
The question endlessly haunted me as I searched for a path,
That would lead me Home.
The poison that flowed through my veins began to take its toll.
I began getting weaker and weaker,
Until I eventually collapsed.
The tears that soon filled my eyes froze the instant they touched the dark air.
Each breath I drew became fainter.
As my crumpled form became lifeless,
I mumbled one last phrase:
"I will never find"
And there was pain no more.
November 13, 2009

My Heart,
What a vacuum.
Like a black hole, my Heart sucks all in,
And like a white hole my body violently expels all.
Only two Lights exist in this vast nothingness.
One Light is brilliant, benevolent and known,
The other is unknown and dim.
Both Lights, no matter how dim,
Pierce the endless Dark of my Heart.
When I can barely hold on,
I look towards the Lights,
And find strength renewed.
I push back the Dark,
And fight my way through it,
Until all that surrounds me is Light,
In my newfound Home.
My Heart.
February 8, 2010

The World is a Needle,
Filling my neck with Poison.
The Poison disables,
And tries to kill me.
But You are the Antidote.
While the World's Ugliness blankets me in Shadow,
Your Kindness overwhelms that Darkness.
And so I leave the World to face its Self-Destruction,
As I bask in the Light of Your Love.

February 25, 2010
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