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Sith Master: Choose Darth Vader to beat the game easily.

I've *briefly* looked through the threads, it doesn't appear this has been stated elsewhere.

In case you already don't know, you can jump off to the left before the final boss battle to engage Darth Vader. On Sith Master, as well any other difficulty, this guy is very, very easy to defeat - just nver jump, or he'll force choke you. First, get into a corner of your choosing- perferably one where you have a great camera view.

Then, hold down the block button (X360: LB)

Next, simply wait for him to inevitably make his way to you and start wailing away at you.

When he begins to charge up his force push (Red glowing ball around him), wait for him to cast it, then dodge behind his back - a flick of the movement stick while block is held down.

This will manuever you behind him.

Then, perform the (I believe, Saber Smash) X X Y (Hold) B X X

Rinse, repeat, until you get "finish the boss" button prompts. I was very satisified to see two achievements worth 200G. Alot of frustration laid to rest. Also, I managed to find this AFTER I beat Darth Vader by actually battling it out (And tossing the controller a few times).

I hope this helps anyone viewing the thread.

PS I've beat the game on Sith Master, don't be afraid to ask me or post a thread asking about a tough part. I'm downloading all three DLC expansions as I write this sentence!
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