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I totally agree Mike, it is such a real feeling, you dont know what is going on really, just as he didnt, but you have to keep going. As I study the records and information that we can find on the level design, it looks like individual people did individual levels and I bet they spent a LOT of time, i mean as designers, the teams that actually did the work were probably many people, but the scale is just amazing, they were not afraid to have huge interior or exterior spaces and the feelings i get sometimes perched on some walkway high high above an infinite fall below are ...well ..quite amazing.

And the new textures really do improve things remarkably what an effort that must have been. I am eager to get past the stopping place i reached before, which was just past getting out of the vast underground waterworks....and things were just getting very interesting...20 levels in all, and that is a LOT to look forward to.

Some of these classic games have a lot to teach the next gen ones that are coming out now, they are graphically stunning true, but these older ones are really well made and have a lot to teach.

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